Aaron Rodgers fined: NFL punishes Packers QB, Allen Lazard for violating COVID-19 protocols

The NFL has concluded its investigation into whether Aaron Rodgers and the Packers broke the league’s COVID-19 protocols following news that the Green Bay quarterback tested positive for coronavirus On Wednesday.
Circumstantial evidence as a result of the news suggested that the team would be responsible for penalties, as Rodgers, who is not vaccinated, was seen climbing onto the team letter and talking to reporters inside without a mask. So the question became how severe the penalties would be and if they would result in a suspension.
PLUS: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers acknowledges’ misleading ‘comments on vaccination, doesn’t think he’ll win MVP againHere’s everything you need to know about the NFL investigation and the penalties Rodgers and the Packers faced as a result:

How much were the Packers fined?

After the conclusion of the NFL review on Tuesday, the Packers organization was reportedly fined $ 300,000 for violating league protocols (via ESPN’s ESPN’s Rob Demovsky). Other teams that have been fined for violating COVID-19 protocols include the Saints, Raiders ($ 500,000 each), Patriots and Titans ($ 350,000 each).Packers president Mark Murphy commented on the league’s findings and the fine.”We respect the League’s findings and recognize the importance of complying with COVID protocols to keep our team and organization safe and healthy,” Murphy. said in an official statement. “We will continue to educate the team on the importance of protocols and remain committed to operating within protocols.”Additionally, the league warned the Packers that future violations of COVID protocols could result in “heightened discipline.” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, which could include a change in draft position or a loss in draft options.PLUS: NFL Vaccine Rules Explained

How much was Aaron Rodgers fined?

Rodgers and wide receiver Allen Lazard were fined $ 14,650 for breaking the rules. To put this number in perspective, Rodgers earns a base salary of $ 14.7 million this year alone. Therefore, this penalty is only equal to 0.00099 percent of your base salary. Lazard’s base salary is $ 850,000, but the penalty is still only 0.017 percent of his base salary.Here are the violations the NFL found that Rodgers, Lazard, and the Packers violated. First, because Rodgers is not vaccinated, he broke COVID protocol by not wearing a mask at press conferences. The team also failed to report a Halloween party attended by both Rodgers and Lazard. Even though the party was not held on the team premises and was not considered a team function, it still violated the protocol that unvaccinated players cannot gather in groups of more than three.The league also reviewed video during its investigation that was shown inside the club’s premises and found some instances where Rodgers and Lazard did not wear masks on the premises. Out of these few cases, the investigation concluded that there was no “widespread or systematic violation of the use of masks”, via ESPN.

Rodgers and Lazard are not vaccinated, but a fine was expected for their positive tests. Since they are not vaccinated, their game checks are lost in the weeks they cannot play. In addition, they can be fined with a week’s pay of up to $ 50,000. If players don’t follow COVID protocols again, they could face more fines in the future. Currently, the league has no rules stating that players will be suspended for violating protocol.PLUS: Why the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers likely will not be suspended for violations of the NFL’s COVID protocolWith the circumstances surrounding Rodgers and whether or not he lied about being vaccinated (declared in August that he was “immunized”), it was thought that he would be fined more than $ 14,650, especially since he earns a large salary.Rodgers could return to the field in Week 10 in the Packers’ matchup against the Seahawks. His 10-day quarantine will end on Saturday, November 13. If you pass the COVID exam then you will be eligible to play on Sunday.