Antony issues defiant message after being labelled a ‘clown’ for showboating in Manchester United win


anchester united Winger Antony has vowed to keep up his tricks after drawing criticism for a spectacular move against FC Sheriff.

Although under no pressure from defenders and goalless on Thursday night, the Brazilian made two turns with the ball before losing a pass to the side.

Former United star paul scholes led the negative reaction to Antonio’s move, which followed a similar dispute over Richarlison‘s keepy-uppies for Tottenham in recent Premier league action.

Posting a clip of the skill on his Instagram, Antony wrote: “We are known for our art and I will not stop doing what got me where I am!”

Scholes called Antony a “clown” for the play, in particular the wayward pass that occurred at the end of it, and suggested that Erik ten Hag later substituted the United player partly as a result of his action.

“You saw his reaction on the bench,” the 47-year-old told BT Sport. “I think he frustrated him. I just don’t know what he accomplishes. I love a bit of bravado and entertainment, but at least getting the right pass.

“Does that do anything for someone? Does that do something by itself? I’d have to ask him, even up 4-0, what does that do for you?

“This country, any country, even Brazil. They don’t want to see that, do they? I like to see skill and entertainment, I just don’t think it’s skill or entertainment… it’s just being a clown.” .

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