Cassius Marsh says official Tony Corrente ‘hip-checked’ him following taunting call during Bears vs. Steelers

For the fifth week in a row, “Monday Night Football” has resulted in a score of one score, this time with the Steelers winning at home 29-27 over the visiting Bears.
Unfortunately, a controversial scoffing call against linebacker Cassius Marsh ended up costing Chicago in defeat. And the subsequent contact between him and Chief Officer Tony Corrente became an even bigger story than the defeat.
PLUS: Bears mocking Cassius Marsh penalty cost Chicago in ‘MNF’ loss to SteelersThe fine imposed on Marsh followed a sack by Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger late in the fourth quarter. The outcome of the play should have seen the Steelers punt on fourth and 15 from Chicago’s 40. But Marsh took several steps toward the Steelers’ bench, which was enough for Corrente to call him out for taunting. (Are here two Anglos of the action that caused the taunt penalty).
However, when Marsh started running towards the bench, he made contact with Corrente. The video appears to show the officer supporting his body and extending his hips to make contact with Marsh as he ran. Corrente was about to take out his flag when he and Marsh collided.Marsh, speaking to reporters after the game, said he initially thought the contact was accidental. After reviewing the video, he said he felt Corrente intentionally stopped him, an action he called “incredibly inappropriate.”PLUS: Bears vs. Steelers final score, results: Steelers hold home win after Bears missed field goalCorrente after the game also addressed the call and the subsequent contact with Marsh. He explained that Marsh’s “stance” indicated he was mocking the Steelers bench. The chief official also answered two follow-up questions directly related to the contact made with the linebacker, saying twice that it had nothing to do with the penalty.From the group’s report:PLUS: How ‘MNF’ misled viewers into thinking Cairo Santos’ field goal attempt bounced off the crossbarThe mocking penalty was not the only controversial decision of the game, although certainly among the most important, as it allowed the Steelers to extend their advance and finish it with a field goal. The Bears received 12 penalties for 115 yards, one of which wiped a Justin Fields touchdown to Jimmy Graham off the backboard due to a low blocking foul.Those calls and more were heavily criticized by viewers on social media, with many calling for Corrente to be suspended for his actions. Others lamented the fact that the referees had such a direct effect on the final result of the game.It remains to be seen how the NFL will react to Monday’s game, if at all.