England vs Albania: FA confident of no repeat of crowd trouble at Wembley after disorder against Hungary


he FA Insist that standard procedures have been followed for tonight’s World Cup qualifier against Albania, despite violent clashes during the last Wembley international.

England will play at home for the first time since he was fined a match at the stadium and fined 100,000 euros (£ 87,500) for “lack of order”, prompting the shameful scenes of the Euro 2020 final .

With much scrutiny in tonight’s match, the FA declined to confirm whether there would be additional security, but insisted the match would be “staffed accordingly.”

Last month’s match against Hungary it broke down when the police and administrators appeared to be dominated by fans before finally restoring control.

That followed the chaotic final of Euro 2020, in which fans without tickets stormed the gates of Wembley. As part of his punishment, a second game behind closed doors has been suspended for two years.

The FA will want this evening to pass without incident, particularly in light of the UK and Ireland’s hopes of hosting the 2030 World Cup. .

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