Gareth Southgate to consider 18 months of criticism before deciding England future


Areth Southgate he will take some time to consider whether he has the support of English fans and the media before making a decision on his future as manager.

Southgate, whose current contract runs until 2024, oversaw a 2-1 loss to France in the World Cup quarter-final on Saturday night when England were sent to the Al Bayt Stadium.

harry kaneJude Bellingham, jordan henderson, Declan Rice Y harry maguire all have publicly supported Southgate’s continuation in office, but he himself is unsure after facing months of criticism since the Euro 2020 final over poor performances between major tournaments.

Speaking after the disappointment, Southgate admitted that the job has taken a toll on him emotionally.

“I have found much of the last 18 months difficult,” Southgate told reporters. “For everything I’ve loved about the past few weeks, I still have [to think] over those 18 months.

“The said and the written, the night of the Wolves [losing 4-0 to Hungary]There’s a lot going on in my head that’s really conflicting right now, so I want to make sure that if it’s the right thing to do to stay, I definitely have the energy to do it.

“I don’t want to spend four or five months thinking that I made the wrong decision. As I have gone through the last few tournaments, my emotions have been hard to think straight in the following weeks.

I think in the last three tournaments we have restored credibility.

“It took so much energy from you and you have so many things on your mind. It’s too important for everyone to be wrong.”

He added: “After every tournament I sat down with everyone in the FA and talked things through logically and I think that’s the right process to go through.”

Mauricio Pochettino has publicly expressed his willingness to become England coach and Tomas Tuchel it is also understood that he is interested in taking on the role.

If Southgate leaves, he will do so as England’s most successful manager since World Cup-winning manager Sir Alf Ramsey, having guided England to two semi-finals and one final at major tournaments.

He continued: “When you look back on the team in 2018, you can see [the progress]… I think we got a lot of what we had and we felt like it was a particular way of doing it.

World Cup 2022: England is eliminated by France

“The emergence of some different players through the Euros and this tournament meant that we were able to approach it differently and we have said that we want to be competitive all the way with England and we are, I think, in that top table where the last three tournaments we have. restored credibility.

“The rest of the world sees us as a good team, but we are here to win and we haven’t won.”

France’s victory will see them face Morocco in the semi-final with Argentina facing Croatia in the other game in Qatarbut Southgate may not tune in.

Asked if he would watch the remaining matches, Southgate replied: “I don’t think so. I don’t really know. I’m interested to see how it goes, but I don’t know.” .

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