Keira Walsh column: My advice for France and Argentina ahead of World Cup 2022 final


There are a lot of reasons why you might not get a particularly good night’s sleep before a final, but we covered a new one during the Euros this summer.

We had been at The Lensbury Resort for the tournament, but moved to Myddelton Lodge, at Tottenham’s training ground, just before the final. In general, the change of venue was great, it refreshed people a bit. But it’s really classy and the curtains in the rooms were all controlled by remote. For some reason people’s remote controls would just randomly open the curtains: at two, three, four in the morning!

It showed where that team was in terms of our mental preparation that nobody let it affect them. We didn’t think of fatigue as an excuse if we didn’t play well, there was no doubt about that. It was just a full focus.

It was like that almost immediately after we beat Sweden in the semi-final. Because we won convincingly, we didn’t have that nervous ending or big throw, and it was probably the least we celebrated a win in the entire tournament. By then, we were so focused on winning and so close to our goal that the focus immediately turned to the final.

The mood changed a bit in the camp that week, but not to the point where you could feel a tense atmosphere or make people seem nervous.

If you had been in the hotel with us the night before the final, you would not have known that we had a big game the next day. Everyone was really relaxed and also enjoying the time together, because we had spent the whole summer together and we knew it would be one of our last days. I remember there was a campfire, and Lucy Bronze, Jill Scott, Leah Williamson and I went out and sat around it to have a cup of tea and talk a bit as the night drew to a close, enjoying those last moments.

At the team meeting before the game, Sarina Wiegman was more excited than I have ever seen her, she was like a child on Christmas day.

Keira celebrating the Eurocup, / The FA via Getty Images

Seeing her not look nervous reverberated through the entire team, and we all realized that being able to play in that game, in front of a home crowd, might be an opportunity we never get again. So, take the moment, be truly grateful, and don’t let it pass you by.

That will hopefully be the mentality of France Y ArgentinaSunday’s players. With all the inconvenience, this World cup It hasn’t always delivered the great matchups people expected, but it’s been just as exciting to see teams like Morocco, who have been absolutely outstanding, surprise us all.

These, however, are definitely two of the best teams in the world and I will personally support Lionel Messi up to date.

He is the best player in the world and we are very lucky to have been able to see him in our lifetime.

Lifting the World Cup would be the icing on the cake. .

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