Kenny Pickett vs. Sam Howell: Pitt, North Carolina QBs battle for 2022 NFL Draft positioning

Thursday’s ACC meeting between North Carolina and No. 21 Pitt features one of the most intriguing quarterback battles, not only in college football but also in NFL positioning in 2022.
Tar Heels caller Sam Howell entered the season as a big favorite for the league’s best quarterback. He came off a 2020 campaign in which he completed 237 of 348 passes for 3,586 and 30 touchdowns and seven interceptions. While he hasn’t had a bad season in 2021, he’s clearly missed having the likes of Javonte Williams, Michael Carter and Dyami Brown, among others, on the North Carolina team.
PLUS: What happened to Sam Howell? How North Carolina quarterback stats and draft actions have been hugely successful in 2021Meanwhile, Pickett came out of nowhere in 2021. Sporting News’ midseason All-America pick has already erased its previous all-time highs in completion percentage, yards, yards per attempt, adjusted yards per attempt, touchdowns and index. quarterback. And he still has three regular-season games, a bowl game, and potentially a spot in the ACC championship game to improve his stats. If he continues at this pace, he could compete for the Heisman Trophy.
Their meeting Thursday will be worth watching, not just for fans of good quarterback play, but also for NFL scouts who are undecided about who should be higher on their respective draft boards.With that, Sporting News advances Thursday’s quarterback game between Howell and Picket:;

Kenny Pickett vs. Sam Howell Stats

Kenny pickett

Terminations Attempts Pct. Yards Yards per attempt Adjusted YPA Touchdowns Interceptions Quarterback Qualification
235 342 68.7 3,171 9.3 10.6 29 3 172.8

Sam howell

Terminations Attempts Pct. Yards Yards per attempt Adjusted YPA Touchdowns Interceptions Quarterback Qualification
169 268 63.1 2,408 9.0 9.3 twenty 7 157.9

Pickett has outperformed Howell in all major passing categories by nine games through the 2021 college football season. One area in which Howell outperforms his Pitt counterpart, however, is running ability. The Tar Heels quarterback has rushed 135 times for 699 yards (an average of 5.2 yards per carry) and eight touchdowns this season. By contrast, Pickett has rushed about half as many times as Howell (73 attempts) for 234 yards and a touchdown.PLUS: Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett starts fast and leads Panthers past Tennessee

Kenny Pickett vs. Sam Howell records

Pickett has led the Panthers to a 7-2 record heading into Week 11. Pitt (4-1 ACC) is on top of the Coast, and he only needs to beat North Carolina and Virginia in consecutive weeks to make it. with division. That said, two atrocious losses to West Michigan and Miami have eliminated any chance of the Panthers competing to play in the college football playoff.Howell’s tar heels are a bit worse for wear, going 5-4 and 3-3 in the ACC game. That said, there is still a long shot of North Carolina winning the division, although Mack Brown and company need significant help to get there. That starts first with victory, which would give the Tar Heels a 5-3 conference record. They would also need Pitt to lose one of his two remaining games to Virginia or Syracuse. That would give both teams the same conference record, pushing North Carolina forward in the divisional standings through their head-to-head victory over the Panthers.But that is not all; North Carolina would need both Virginia and Miami, teams over which the Tar Heels have outright victories, to lose at least one more game each. Virginia Tech can’t win either. If all of those criteria are met, the Tar Heels will head to Charlotte for the ACC championship game.PLUS: 2022 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles, Jets Land Defensive Stars With Plenty Of Top Picks; Steelers, Broncos find quarterbacks

Kenny Pickett 2022 Simulated NFL Draft

Pickett is considered one of the best quarterbacks available in the 2022 NFL Draft, according to Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer. He projects the fifth-year quarterback to be the fourth and final first-round pick, landing with the Pittsburgh Steelers to replace aging Ben Roethlisberger. Here’s what Iyer has to say about Pickett before the draft:”Pickett has emerged in first-round consideration with other big-name QBs fading away thanks to outstanding play to make the Panthers a formidable offensive-minded foe ranked in the ACC. He has natural deep-ball precision and football smarts. , both with a good profile in the current Steelers offense under Matt Canada. The ideal successor is fielding Ben Roethlisberger. “

Sam Howell 2022 mock NFL draft

Howell’s draft stocks have taken a hit in 2021, and many, including SN, don’t include him in their latest mock draft. That being said, several posts still consider him a first-round pick. Below are each of the mock drafts that consider it a first-round pick:

Publication Selection Writing team
CBS 28 Detroit lions
NBC 13 Carolina Panthers
YES 16th Denver Broncos