NFL referee Tony Corrente explains controversial calls against Bears, Cassius Marsh in loss to Steelers

The Bears lost a close battle to the Steelers on “Monday Night Football” in Week 9. Pittsburgh won 29-27 and avoided a possible Chicago advance in the closing seconds of the game. That gave the Steelers their fourth straight win and gave the Bears their fourth straight loss.
That said, the victory came with some controversy. The umpiring was scrutinized, as the Bears fell victim to some questionable calls during the game.
PLUS: The penalty for taunting the bears is critical in the loss of “MNF”There were two decisions, in particular, that seemed to shift the momentum in favor of the Steelers. The first came in the early stages of the third quarter when Justin Fields appeared to throw a 1-yard touchdown to tight end Jimmy Graham. The play was retired due to a low blocking penalty whistled at guard James Daniels.
“The new rule this year is that there should be no contact below the waist with any player outside the tight end area. And this player initiated low contact with a player outside the tight end area, ”referee Tony Corrente said after the game. according to the group report.There were a couple of problems with this call. First, Daniels appeared to be inside the tight end area, so he shouldn’t have been whistled for this type of penalty. However, the most egregious part of this play is that Daniels didn’t even make contact with the player he was trying to block. That should have nullified any potential calls.

However, Corrente saw the play differently live. “I have to judge that there was contact, and that’s what I judged,” Corrente said.PLUS: Najee Harris refutes ESPN report: “I slept in my bed” during collegeThe Bears would settle for three points in that series to cut their deficit to eight at 14-6.Later in the game, the Bears received another call that drew the ire of NFL fans. Cassius Marsh was whistled for mocking a third down catch by Ben Roethlisberger. That gave Pittsburgh an automatic first down at field goal range rather than forcing a punt back to Chicago.As such, the Steelers extended their lead to 26-20 and pressured the Bears to score a touchdown.Why did the officials call Marsh to mock him? It all had to do with his move to the Pittsburgh bank.”First of all, keep in mind that teasing is a point of emphasis this year,” Corrente said. “And with that said, I saw the player, after making a great play, run into the Pittsburgh Steelers bench area and take a stance in such a way that I felt like he was making fun of them.”PLUS: How the camera angle fooled “MNF” viewers in Cairo Santos’ field goal attempt to tie the gameDid Corrente’s call have anything to do with the contact he and Marsh made after the play? “That had nothing to do with it,” Corrente said of the contact. “It was the mocking aspect.”Even if so, the Bears weren’t happy with the decision, and Marsh felt Corrente intentionally stop him as he handed down the penalty.”On the way to the touchline, the referee checked my hip. It’s pretty clear.” Marsh said after the game. “If I did that to a referee or even touched a referee, they would kick us out of the game and possibly suspend and fine us. I think that was incredibly inappropriate.”These were just some of the questionable decisions in a game in which the Bears received 12 penalties and 115 penalty yards. The Steelers received five penalties and 30 penalty yards.